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Housing minister launches consultation on Awaab’s Law

The law was created by the government to introduce strict timescales for social housing providers to tackle emergency hazards including damp and mould.

In November 2022 an inquest found that a two-year-old boy named Awaab Ishak died from a respiratory condition that was caused by prolonged exposure to black mould in a flat in Rochdale. The news was arguably the biggest story to come out of that year and has changed the way landlords operate.

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Under new proposals that have been given by the government, social housing landlords will be required to investigate hazards in properties within two weeks and will be required to begin fixing them in no more than seven days after inspecting the problem.

However, emergency repairs should be looked into within 24 hours of them being reported. Landlords who fail to comply with the new requirements could face legal consequences which include having to pay compensation to tenants.

‘The tragic death of Awaab Ishak should never have happened,’ said housing secretary Michael Gove. ‘His family have shown courageous leadership, determination and dignity to champion these changes and now it’s time for us to deliver for them through Awaab’s Law.’

Mr Gove added: ‘[The Law] is about stronger and more robust action against social landlords who have refused to take their basic responsibilities seriously for far too long. We will force them to fix their homes within strict new time limits and take immediate action to tackle dangerous damp and mould to help prevent future tragedies.

‘Alongside Awaab’s Law, our landmark Social Housing Act will drastically improve the quality of life in social housing, granting residents a proper voice to fight those who think they can cheat the system and ensuring rogue landlords face the full force of the law.’

The Social Housing Act, which was introduced into Parliament on 8th June 2022 and passed on 20th July 2023, gives the regulator of social housing power to set time limits to social landlords to address problems. Awaab’s Law, should it be passed, will be added to the Act, and should further enhance the vitality to address maintenance issues within social housing.

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